Monday, January 11, 2010

My Goals 2010

So here is our goals for 2010-

First and foremost our financial goals.

Paying off the rest of our debt outside of our Home and car loan-

Which consists of,

Lawyer fees from last year- $800 ($100 p/mo Jan-Mar, then $500 payoff Mar 26th)

YAY!United Rental $287.97 -Jan. 8(this was the amount after Ins. paid for the accident that we owe)

Hospital balance from L/D with Madi- $1,145.87 ($100 p/mo until paid full)

Suburban- $1,200 ($400 ea mo for the next 3 months)

Put $200 in saving per month= $2,400 in Savings by December

Next Family Goals.

Better nutrition. More variety for all of us. More organic foods, better base ingredients, more fresh veggies.

Work on reading with Madi.

Less TV/internet

Marriage Goals.

Date night at least once a month.

Be more involved with Church groups.

less resistance for each others affection/ideas/plans.

Personal goals.


And this of coarse is a financial/family/couple goal, but because Ill be the one doing all the work- have baby #3!

improve sewing skills.

exercise regularly (normally I have the lose 5 lbs on my list, but this year Im going for general health since Ill be pregnant in a few months.)

read the bible in its entirety.

become less cluttered and more organized.


Get out of debt

exercise regularly

outfit all weapons (okay I know this sounds weird, but what he wants is for his hunting rifle and shotgun to have the things on them/for them to improve their function.

Become more involved in the youth ministry at church

Master Auto LISP (its programming software he uses at work)

Of course there are many other things we want to do in 2010, I would love to take a trip to WA, but I also want to get out of debt, so if finances allow I will also go to Seattle this year.

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