Friday, January 15, 2010

Media Fast!

7 Day Media Fast
Won't you Join Me?
Next Week January 17th - 23rd

I believe as a Christian we need to cleanse our minds and hearts at times.
A refresher. A time of Repentance. Devotion. A time to regain our strength from Jesus.
Usually it can come in the form of prayer and reading God's Word.
When we prepare for Christ's Death, Burial and Resurrection by fasting before Easter, we limit food and give up things for Lent. It helps us cleanse our body and focus on what Jesus did for us sinners.
The kind of fasting I'm proposing is a media fast. A renewal, refresher, a cleansing of the mind.
We live in a culture of depravity, sex and therefore sexual sin is everywhere!
I think we have become desensitized to it, and there for more accepting of those sins we see and probably even do on a regular basis.

So between Next Sunday and Saturday turn off you TV (no dvd's, or game systems either), Don't use the internet, yup that means not even for Facebook or email (only respond to necessary work emails) or blogging. No Radio, not even talk radio. No MP3 player (its in the music we listen to also!)No magazines or newspaper. And for some this may also mean no text messaging, because lots of things get sent to our smart phone we should not be looking at or reading!

The only acceptable exception to the above rules would be listening to sermons or perhaps some previously chosen music.

I know it will be tough, especially for those who rely so heavily on Facebook, email and blogging to stay connected socially. But I promise you if those people are really your friends, you can pick up the phone and call them! Even for you bloggers this may be a great opportunity to make some real connections.

So what will you do without TV, Internet, and radio? You work like usual, come home spend time with your family pray and read the bible. That's it. What, sound boring? Its not, your just use to those sinful desires being fulfilled. You may even get creative and do somethings with your family you never had time for before.

I hope you will join me. By the following Sunday I believe you will look at the world a little different.

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