Friday, July 31, 2009

Dog days of Summer

Life has been lazy around here lately, mostly because of the heat. Although this week we have had a few storms that have given us much needed rain. What a blessing!

Tomorrow we are building nesting boxes for my chickens. They are quickly approaching that age when they will start laying some tasty eggs!
Im so excited.
Although I have to admit my anxiety when it comes to letting them out to free range out of their coop. I know they are plenty old enough and they probably will go back to their coop at night as chickens do, but I still worry. Plus we have tons of predators out here. But again I think they are big enough to fend for themselves.

Lets see in other news, its time for school shopping. But unlike those who send theirs off to school outside the house and don't have to buy anything but clothes and pencils, we have to pick the curriculum. And there is so much of it out there!
I think we are going with Math u see for her mathematics this year. But for everything else we are still deciding.

I found this book on Amazon and Im going to purchase it for Madi. Although she is still much to young for any strict schedule for homeschooling. I think this might give me some good ideas for her while Cheyenne is doing her schoolwork.

Otherwise all is well in out little part of the world!

Ever wonder what the phrase "dog days of summer" means? Click to find out.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Funny how things change

Its funny to me how just a few short years ago,(okay about 6 years ago) the things I got excited about, the things I laid in bed and thought about where so different then they are now. Then it was men (boys, isn't it always the case), clothes, what I was wearing the next day, friends and when I was going out with them next...stuff like that.
Now, its much different...sure there's the heavy subjects. The health and well being of my family, finances, my husbands serious problem spending too much on sports and outdoor stuff! Okay but then there is cooking and cleaning. Yes I actually lay in bed at night and think about cooking and cleaning.
Those thoughts are layered by another thought of "Seriously? Your thinking about this right now?".
But my point is what Im really thrilled about right now is that this weekend I finally will have a pantry to store up all my great grocery shopping deals. I have managed to clean, organize and purge enough closet space in my home that I was able to EMPTY the closet that is next to my kitchen, the one that is suppose to be the pantry. Now it has no shelving, so Big Daddy will have to fix that.
Anyway, yes people this is what makes my skirt fly up these days...the pantry closet!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Because I should have posted this last night and included Sunday's meal, Ill start on Monday.

Monday- Baked breaded Tilapia fillets with rice and spinach

Tuesday- Grilled chicken wraps

Wednesday- Brisket with potato salad and baked beans

Thursday (just the kids and I)- Mac&cheese, fries and corn on the cob

Friday and Saturday are still up in the air since we are not sure if we will be home or in Dallas Friday night and Im not sure if we will be back by dinner time on Saturday.
But options are-
Friday- Tacos
Saturday- leftovers or pork chops
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Summer Fun, had me a blast...

Wow, we have been busy, so busy I can't exactly tell you what we have been up to! All I know is we have been visiting pools, family and its been HOT! TEXAS, why must you be so hot??? I think this is the 6th day of triple digit heat, and only a day or so below 100 prior to that...anyway, I have pictures to share though!

summer 09-6

summer 09-3
Our new dog Ellie, she's a sweetie!

summer 09-4
Birthday party fun!

summer 09-2
She is a Daddy's girl!

summer 09-1

We had lots of fun at the pool so far this summer!

summer 09-7

summer 09-9

summer 09-11

And lots of fun with family! My kids are so blessed to have so many who love them!

summer 09-10
Madi with Mimi Kim (step grandma)

summer 09-5
Madi with MawMaw (russ' mom)

summer 09-8
This is Joyce, or Grandma (Russ' grandma on his dad's side)

She's alot of fun!

summer 09-14
Yes, she did get in and jump in the bounce house!

summer 09-15
Cheyenne with Pa (Russ' grandpa on his dad's side)

summer 09-13
Madi with PawPaw Rusty (Russ' Dad)

Okay well this is all for now. I have lunch calling and lots of things to catch up on around here after a long week last week. Russ was off for the week and you can guess how much I got done around here while he was home. I enjoyed every minute of it though!
Next to come, our family mission statement!
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