Monday, February 23, 2009

My "B" Book

"Little B had a box, she said I will fill my box. Little B found a Bird and a Birdbath."

This is how the series of books by Jane Belk Moncure starts out. Each book has a little girl or boy whose name is the letter that we are learning about. Each book reads the same and has the same "plot". Cheyenne loves these books. We have all of them thanks to her great grandma saving them and giving them to me to read to her. Although these are very simple books because they are so predictable it gives a 4 year old confidence that she CAN read. She just sat here and read the entire B book almost entirely by herself. I only had to help her sound 2 words out. And afterwards she was very proud of herself!

These books are great! You can find them on Amazon and Ebay. They are sometimes hard to find, but worth it if you can pick up one here and there. Jane Belk Moncure also has other great books. You should check them out! May even be able to locate some at your local library.

This weeks Literature

1. Where the Wild Things Are by by Maurice Sendak

2. Higglety Pigglety Pop also by Maurice Sendak

3. A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson

all available at your local library or on Amazon, trust these books are great to add to your collection at home!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Picture post

Well Iv had the last 2 hours with peace and quiet. The girls went to bed early (YAY!) and Russ had a meeting with his Rifle Club.
I could have watched a movie (a chick flick) or read a book or exercised or even took a nap. But what did I mop! I need therapy. But while Im waiting for Russ to come home from his meeting and the floors to dry in my kitchen I shall share some pictures.

Madi loves the camera, she points to it and says cheese when she sees it. No we don't take pictures often at all...why do you ask?

Cheyenne also took some pictures the other day.

Of Mommy and Madi, well maybe just Madi...

Then of her puppy!

Whats a mom to do!

I can't beat them, and obviously yelling doesn't work...although it does get some frustration out. Iv lost count as to how many times Iv told Cheyenne to NOT jump on the bed AND do not put Madi on her bed. Oh not to mention that her bedroom is a pig stigh! LOL, Aw, well, I give up. Oh and YES Cheyenne is kicking Madi in the beginning before she sees me. I didn't even see it until I uploaded this clip, now I have evidence!!! HA

Friday, February 20, 2009


GO to sign up for a free ice cream on your birthday. I just did it for my family and it only took 2 minutes. Come on who doesn't want free ice cream?

Here is the one that melts our hearts-

My sweet girl! She carries that blanket around and sucks her thumb (still) when she gets sleepy. Please ignore the mess in the background. I never get around to cleaning MY room.


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