Monday, January 25, 2010

Im Back!!

Well I'm back after a wonderful week! I have to say I'm surprised I that I didn't miss the internet as much as I thought I would. Now that TV I had a little bit of issue with, mainly because I normally watch the news early in the morning after Big Daddy leaves for work, and I found it to be a little too quiet and well...creepy with out the TV on!
But I got over it;)
Other wise I spent much more time with the kiddos and in the kitchen this week. I actually had an empty...yes EMPTY laundry basket for most of the week. Since I washed, folded and put away ALL of our laundry on Monday!
I have to say that I am much more sensitive to the internet this morning though. Of coarse I wanted to catch up on Facebook and Gmail, but I really didn't want to get sucked in. I highly recommend doing a media fast, it was one of the more interesting and productive things I have done with my time this year so far:)

Anyway, husband and I have been talking more about starting a ministry group. Ill tell you more about that another day.

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