Saturday, January 30, 2010

One child

Yesterday and today it's just been me and my toddler, Madi.
My 5 year old is with her great grandmother and my husband has been in Dallas for work.
Why is it I never realized how easy it was to have one child when I only had on child?
Madi has been perfectly content playing with playdough, watching PBS and napping for the last 48 hours!
Tonight is what Im really looking forward to though. Date night!
It was one of our new years goals to have at least one date night out a month. It almost didn't happen. But Lord willing and the creek don't rise, we will be enjoying a nice evening out!
Speaking of the creep rising. Man have we had some rain!
My front yard looks like the lake. I think we had about 5 inches of rain here, but a few counties over got 10 inches!
Then it froze last night and its in the 30's today. So I have to figure out something cute to wear tonight and still be warm!
Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, enjoy your time with your family!

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