Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Day after Christmas y'all!

Wow! Well Christmas came and went,huh? It seems so crazy every year when we spend weeks planning for this wonderful day the family. Food, gifts, games, fun!Then in a blink its over. I hope all of you took the time yesterday to pray and give sometime to Jesus.
I would have liked to of given a little more of my time to Jesus yesterday, well everyday. Its so easy to get caught up in the things of this world!

We are blessed and I am ever so thankful to the Lord our God for giving us a roof over our head and all the yummy food that we got to indulge in yesterday, and probably for the rest of this month!
My girls had a wonderful time! Its funny out of all the gifts they got their favorite items are the ones we spent the least on. Home made playdough for one and the my older one loved the Leapster2 she got. I got it on sale for like 20 bucks and she just loves it. She also received a bike and Madi got a giant puppy that she wants to sleep with no matter what I say:)
Oh and how can I forget to mention, it SNOWED here! Yes in North Texas!!!
It was wild to see and drive in on Christmas eve, but very beautiful and really put us in the Christmas mood:)
The biggest surprise was my sweet husband got me a "new" (its used but that doesn't matter) Chevrolet Suburban for Christmas. He's spent the last 3 weeks doing some maintenance on it, cleaning it, changing the oil and stuff like that without me ever knowing. Really I didn't have a clue! He did have to tell a few lies along the way, which, he said, killed him to do. But it turned out to be a wonderful surprise!
No we have room in the family car for another 4 babies!!! LOL
Well here are a few Christmas pictures-

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