Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where is your sin?

My husband and I recently sat down and confessed a few sins to each other. This may sound odd, especially to a non believer. But it has been one of the best thing we have ever done in our marriage.
I won't be sharing those confessions here on the blog, there is a time and place for everything, and sin confessed should be between you, God, your pastor and the person you sinned against.
For many years I thought that as long as I confessed my sin and repented with God, all was forgiven. No need to share those things with my husband of all people! But when Im wrong Ill say Im wrong!!! I was wrong. The Holy Spirit convicted me of my sin and was not going to let go until I confessed to my husband. And as painful as it was, once I confessed and repented for those sins, the result was glorious.
If you've sinned against your husband ladies, I urge you to prayerfully seek to be convicted of those sins, confess and repent. My husband has forgiven me for my sin and is lovingly encouraging me to change so I will not sin in those ways again.
I think alot of the time us ladies (well and men, but Im appealing to the woman here) don't even realize they are sinning against their husbands.
Here is a short list of ever so silent yet powerful ways we sin against out husbands.
Gossip- we talk about them behind their backs. We complain to our girlfriends, sisters, moms about all the things our husbands don't get right in our minds. Even the smallest statement. Example- " Oh He forgot to take out the trash, again!" heard by another and thought in our brain will bring negativity to our marriage.
Rebellion- we don't trust our husband's decisions. If your husband has a bad track record I understand you may have some fear of trusting his decision making skills. But lets face it, sometimes we think that the best way to do something is the way we do it. Example- you ask him to help out with something around the house, or with the kids, but you keep on questioning his actions...big no no. Let him do it his way, I promise the world will not come crashing down. And he will feel more confident and respected when you tell him how much you appreciate him afterwards, without jumping in to do it yourself.
Another way we sin against our husbands is- with Shame. We don't let them touch us the way they want, we don't let them see us when they want. Mark Driscoll in Song of Songs sermon, says we should be visually generous with our men. They are visual people and need to see, let him see. Don't let shame creep in and stop you from sharing with your husband that which is meant for your husband.

I would love to go into more about sexual sin on here...but I don't know how well it will be received. If anybody is reading this and is interested let me know by leaving a comment!
I leave with a quote from Martin Luther-
“our Lord and Master Jesus Christ . . . willed
the entire life of believers to be one of repentance.”

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