Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today is Thursday!

Cheyenne has asked me about 7 times now what day it is..I tell her its Thursday May 14th, she goes okay and runs off. Then about 20 minutes later she does the same thing. I think she's messing with me!
Well Big Daddy is gone from the house/farm until tomorrow night. So I am on a mission to clean the place spotless, or until I lose all motivation. Tonight the girls and I are having a "slumber party". There will be popcorn, a movie and girly things done. Like, testing the stain resistance of the couch painting nails and having my scalp exfoliated brushing hair! Ill be doing my best impression of Cher in Mermaids tonight as we have finger foods for dinner, you know sandwiches cut in pretty flower shapes and such. It's sure to be a blast. I do love having daughters!
Although I will be anxious for Big Daddy to return home tomorrow night!

Oh and have I told ya'll about the "lone Chicken"? No? Well we have a chicken that lives here on our farm that has been here before we moved here. She was a part of a flock when we first got here. See the previous residents had these chickens that they didn't take with them when they moved so they "gave" them to the neighbors, well they didn't stay at their knew coop. And slowly over about a months time they all got picked off by the various wild things out here that prefer chicken for dinner. Sad but true. Somehow though this one has survived. I think she lives out in some trees/bushes in the corner of out front property. She isn't very social and is scared of us. I started throwing some feed out for her last week, well now she has begun to wonder closer and closer to the house.

A few minutes ago I looked out the window and saw her...

I took this pic through the window, I didn't want to step out on to the porch and scare her off.
Poor chicken...

Anyway, back to cleaning!

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  1. Ooh a slumber party sounds like so much fun.
    Poor poor Chicky, I'm sure she'll warm up in time ;)

  2. I can't wait until L Miss is just a bit older and we can begin doing girly stuff!



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