Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do What Makes You Happy
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This picture was taken 6 year ago.

We were crazy kids then, LOL. No really we were. I was 23 and he was 22. He was in the Army and I was wild and free. I had just separated from my ex-husband. Russ was just out of a slew of meaningless relationships. When we met it was like fireworks that were accidentally lit. Shouldn't of been exploding but beautiful none the less. I mean sometimes things have to fall apart for other things to fall into place.
We wanted each other more then any one wanted anyone in the history of the world! And we knew that this was it,either we had to take the chance of being happy together for the long term and making a few people unhappy in the short term, or letting others dictate what we did. Of coarse we chose the first option, because we were/are rebels like that:-) And never looked back or regretted anything to this day.
About 9 months after that picture was taken, this happened..

Life was not easy for awhile after Cheyenne was born. Things got hard for awhile. But we stuck it out, because anything worth having is worth fighting for. And if there is one thing my hubby and I have learned about each other is that we are fighters. We are stronger then we think.
Thankfully (all thanks to God) we got through the tough times and came out better for it.
Then a few years later this one made an appearance...

Oh Madi, if she had been our first we would of had a 2nd alot sooner...LOL

I guess what the point to this post is to just say that I love my husband more then words could say. Life would be okay if I never met him, but it certainly would not have been all that it could be.
Everyday, he still gives me butterflies. He's the only one I want to kiss for the rest of life.
Now aren't you glad you stopped by to read this silly mushy little post of mine? I know I am.

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  1. Awe. You make a lovely couple & Your babies are beautiful. God is so faithful to get us throught the hard times & put all the scattered puzzle pieces of our lives together to make a beautiful picture. I know from experience. What a beautiful post.



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