Monday, May 11, 2009

Magical Mondays...

Why did I name this post Magical Mondays? Because it seems that I only barely get started with my Monday to do list and then like magic the day is gone!
Its a windy and cool day out today...when I say cool I mean for Texas. Probably in the mid to upper 60's. This weekend we did alot of yard work and working around the house. Yesterday was Mother's Day of coarse. We went to Corsicana to meet Russ' Mom and sister's bunch for a quick lunch in the park and then we were off to do our errands. One of the things we do every week is grocery shopping. Although not a pleasant experience it must be done. Russ was particularly grouchy while shopping yesterday b/c we had to go to the dreaded place, a place he hates and avoids at all costs, that place is Walmart. Yeah I really don't like going there either. But in a small Texas city its almost always your only choice. This is one of the reasons we have took to growing and making alot of different things. Like growing veggies! This season being we got a late start we only have two small garden beds. But I have high hopes for the fall season.

Oh and we also got these little ones to help in our self sustainability efforts.

Here they are the day we got them, May 2nd.

And Today...they sure do grow fast!

They are buff Orpingtons. We are going to use them for eggs and just as pets too. Although one rooster will be used as a meat bird.

Okay well that's all for now. Im never very good on Mondays, can never truly become as productive as I would like...but at least I have dinner in the crock pot, slow cooker garlic chicken, and I have a laundry list of other items that need to be attended to before the days end.
Including laundry!
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  1. We are doing the same and trying to grow our own. I am jealous of your raised beds. Our soil was tough to work with this year. Maybe we will try that.
    And chickens how awesome. Hope you will be posting more pictures of your little farm.
    We live in a community (a bunch of culdasacs) so they don't allow farm animals. How Lame. :(



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