Monday, June 14, 2010

Week #1 of the Completing Him Challenge.

Well here we are at week 1 of the Completing Him Challenge!

This week is about our dating story and how we captivated that man we married while we were first dating.

I met Big Daddy through friends when I was 23 and oh so immature!!! When we first met he was dating a good friend of mine and I was married! Yes I know shocking!!!

We saw each other occasionally when friends got together to go do immature things like going to the clubs or bars. (hey keep in mind, this was before Christ changed my life!!:))
But for the most part we really had no interest in each other. One night out though that all changed!
My BFF and I were on our way to a club on a Saturday night and we had not intended to meet up with anyone else. My marriage was falling apart at the time I was fixin' to file for divorce. I needed a night out! As we were leaving that evening, my friend (and Big Daddy's ex) called asking if they could come out, as they were still friends even though they were not dating any longer.
So I said sure and we met them along with a few others at the club. That night was long and crazy and had lots of mixed drinks! Needless to say I was in no shape to drive let alone walk when we left the club in the wee hours of the morning. So some how I ended up in Big Daddy's big, loud and black pickup truck and we proceeded to go on to my apartment. Nothing sinful happen that night:) He made me some Pasta Roni and we watched Shrek! No kidding! And we stayed up the entire rest of the night/morning talking:)
The next day we went to breakfast and spent the entire Sunday together driving around in his truck. Oh yeah did I mention he was from Texas!
This all happen while he was stationed in my home state of Washington!! We couldn't be more culturally different!!!
But I can say by the end of Sunday I was in love!! No I'm serious!!!!!!!
I can honestly say that I have no doubt in my mind now 7 plus years later that I was truly in love with my man, not just lust. I mean really, you never saw two people cling to each other the way we did and still do!!!

After a few weeks of seeing each other and being completely obsessed with one another, we had our first real date. He took me as his date to his PLDC Army Ball.

I know its not the best picture ever but it's all I could find! Oh and here is one of the truck, its name- Black Beauty, why do I show you it? Because it really was a huge part of our dating and staying together in that first year.

 Again I know, not a great pic! But this is what you get from a old picture and crappy scanner! LOL:)
A few months after this picture was taken, I (being the only girl who he ever let drive his truck regularly) got into a bad accident while driving Black Beauty to the base to take him lunch. It was totaled. That was a turning point in our relationship!

One thing I'm going to work on this summer with my husband is to do more with him that doesn't involve the kids. Sure dinner and a movie are great sometimes, but one thing that I think my hubby always loved while we were dating is that I would do stuff with him most girls didn't want any part of. Work on the truck, go off roading, you know guy stuff!!
So even though I am 20 weeks pregnant right now, I really want to get out and do something he likes with him, for him:)

Can't wait to read some of the other lady's posts from the challenge!!!

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  1. Those are great thoughts ... about doing more with just him. Something I need to work on for sure, I'm just not sure what to do, lol.

    Loved reading your story ... thanks for sharing!



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