Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Oh things have been a little hectic around here as of late. But I think its finally slowing down to a easier pace!
The last two weeks we have been dealing with the cleaning and repairing of our rental house in Dallas and that has kept me away from the computer:( I haven't been able to update on things like my pregnancy, our garden, our plans, or participate in the Completing Him Challenge. I'm two posts behind on that and I don't think I have the time to catch up, but I have been reading others posts and really enjoy it! I think its a great challenge though!

Now for a quick update and then its off to make eggs and bacon for breakfast!

  • Pregnancy is going wonderful! We have decided (and I may have already posted about this) to NOT find out what gender we are having! I think it will be a grand surprise and one of life's more memorable moments:) Although we still would LOVE to have a son, if the Lord has decided on a 3rd daughter for our family then we will gladly accept her and be ever so grateful for her:)

  • I'm so disappointed in our garden this year:( Between a late freeze (okay maybe we just planted a week too early) and major heat, then some serious rainfall (7 inches in 1 day!) our poor garden just couldn't take it! But every year we plant and every year we learn new things. This year we learned that if you plant wheat you must harvest it when you your suppose to, or else it will rain and your wheat will mold and all your effort will be for not!

  • Oh yeah, we're not getting a ultrasound done either. Unless something comes up that would indicate we need to further investigate by getting a u/s done. Im so excited to meet this little one this fall!!!

  • Because I'm an over achiever in the planning department, I'm thinking about things I can do to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. See I'm suddenly struck by the thought that I will have a newborn who will be just a few weeks old at Thanksgiving and then maybe 6-8 weeks old at Christmas! Wow that alot to take during the holidays. And because I love that time of year I do still want to to enjoy it and have my family enjoy it despite any sleep deprivation I may be experiencing. So I'm putting together a list of things I can do in the next few months to make it easier. One thing is obvious...freezer cooking and baking. Cookies, fudge, quick breads, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy. If I have these things on hand, I can mange a bird or ham and not feel over whelmed in the kitchen. And we have also decided to opt out of any Christmas gift exchanged, really we won't have the money and I don't know how many of those family gatherings we will be attending. But I know I will be purchasing stocking stuffers ahead of time also.

  • Lastly some of my favorite newly discovered spots on the internet.
    Money Saving Mom
    Women Living Well

  • And one of my newest faves-Raising Homemakers! Which is a subject near and dear to my heart!

    Okay well that is all for now. Hhmmm maybe a picture is in order to round this post out?

    Oh my sweetheart, how I LOVE him!!!! He's not aiming at anything living;) Just target practicing in our backyard:)

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    1. I have been so bad about blogging lately and keeping up with everyone else's, but I hope to get better!

      I just changed the name of mine, by the way. :)

    2. Hey girlie!
      Sorry for the delay, but you one a copy of 'God's Promises for...' books from the Relevant site Tommy Nelson giveaway! You can pick either the girl or boy book. Please email Abby ASAP at ABarnhart (at) thomasnelson (dot) com. Thanks! :)

      P.S. Once you see this, could you please delete it? Thank you!



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