Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2 days left....!!!!!

Wow this season has just flown by!
Im so excited for Christmas. I just love all the decorations, the food, the family time spent together. I love seeing people who we don't get to see regularly. But most of all I love being reminded everywhere I look about the birth of our Saviour!
Its so easy to remember your faith during Christmas.
But the hard part is to continue with the feeling of love and adoration for our Lord once all the decorations have come down. Will I remember Christ at the turn of every corner in my home? Will I think of him as Im baking? Will I continue to tell stories of Jesus to my children like I do during the Christmas season?
I sure hope I do!
We had set our Christmas budget low this season, we could of spent much more on presents this year...but we chose not to go overboard. I have made many more handmade gifts. We will spend more time at home this year. We will go go candle light service on Christmas eve, which we are very excited about! At first we thought we would have to attend another church on Christmas Eve, since the Pastor said they normally do not do one at our Church since he had started preaching there a few years ago. But we expressed out interest and he said he would think about it...then the fallowing Sunday it was in the church bulletin! Ask and you shall receive!!
Its a short service, 30 minutes. But that will be just enough to remind us what Christmas is about and the girls should be able to sit through it. Plus we will be coming from my father in laws house that evening, which is usually filled with many presents. It can be overwhelming for the kids and Christ will often get lost in all those presents.
Well Im on a mission to get the house clean and prepared to celebrate the birth of our King! Must get going:)
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