Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Fun, had me a blast...

Wow, we have been busy, so busy I can't exactly tell you what we have been up to! All I know is we have been visiting pools, family and its been HOT! TEXAS, why must you be so hot??? I think this is the 6th day of triple digit heat, and only a day or so below 100 prior to that...anyway, I have pictures to share though!

summer 09-6

summer 09-3
Our new dog Ellie, she's a sweetie!

summer 09-4
Birthday party fun!

summer 09-2
She is a Daddy's girl!

summer 09-1

We had lots of fun at the pool so far this summer!

summer 09-7

summer 09-9

summer 09-11

And lots of fun with family! My kids are so blessed to have so many who love them!

summer 09-10
Madi with Mimi Kim (step grandma)

summer 09-5
Madi with MawMaw (russ' mom)

summer 09-8
This is Joyce, or Grandma (Russ' grandma on his dad's side)

She's alot of fun!

summer 09-14
Yes, she did get in and jump in the bounce house!

summer 09-15
Cheyenne with Pa (Russ' grandpa on his dad's side)

summer 09-13
Madi with PawPaw Rusty (Russ' Dad)

Okay well this is all for now. I have lunch calling and lots of things to catch up on around here after a long week last week. Russ was off for the week and you can guess how much I got done around here while he was home. I enjoyed every minute of it though!
Next to come, our family mission statement!
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  1. I'm a stinker! I have been so busy that reading blogs was low on my list. But, I'm back in the loop. Or at least trying to be. :-) Love the pics!!!!!!!!



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