Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring is coming!

So we add to our curriculum- horticulture! Well not really, just some light gardening. But the kids really learn so much from planting things and watching them grow.
And of coarse playing in the dirt is the best!

we have:


Chives, Italian Parsley and more rosemary ( I just love the smell)

The tomato plant that Russ got for me last week (he's so sweet)

It got a little frost on it the other night, but I think it will be okay.

We also have lettuce that I started from seed in a little clam shell container, you know the kind that berries come in. They have just started to sprout, Cheyenne really gets a kick out of them.
I also have lavender on my front patio and you can smell it when you walk up.

Now if I could just keep this one from digging in the pots, we would really be doing well!

Yes she's in her PJs! We have no dress code here! LOL
Actually she was outside before breakfast. This being Texas and all its starting to warm up. So it was very warm already when we got up this morning around 8. So I let the fresh air inside to wake us up.
I think it may have worked a little too well.

What is this? I said "smile!"


  1. I want to start a garden this Spring. My oldest is going to build boxes for us to plant in. Yeah!!! I told him to measure 5 times, cut only once. HA HA TGIT!!!

  2. Great job on the plants. I love the smell of rosemary too. We are going to start an herb garden this year. Last year was our year to tear up the yard. This year we are hoping to put it back together. lol



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