Friday, April 17, 2009

I know it's been a long time...

We have been ridiculously busy 'round these parts!

Lets see what have we been up to?

Well the biggest thing is we've moved! Yup again. But this time it was more of a lifestyle choice then just another house. We've moved on to 38 acres in the country right across from a lake! It so pretty out here.
We are lovin it for sure. The girls are still adjusting but are doing well. We have to get back into a schedule for homeschooling and daily work. Its been difficult to do those things while we move. So I put Cheyenne's schoolwork on hold for the last 2 weeks or so. Its nice to home school when a thing like moving is going on. I don't have to worry about sending her to a new school or that sort of thing.
We are having Madi's birthday party next Saturday and Im excited for that. So far I think we are going to have either pizza or chili dogs for lunch and then have ranch dip and queso with chips for a side along with fruit kabobs or fruit fondue with a yogurt dip, and some fresh veggies to dip instead of chips too. Im also going to do popcorn in cute little paper bags. Im making the cake myself, its going to be a castle cake, pretty simple from what Iv seen. We will see.
In other news we adopted a dog from the humane society who is not working out like we all hoped. Its not that he has issues its that the girls are allergic to him! Yeah, it sucks! Im not sure if they will be allergic to any dog we bring home or if its just his breed, a German Shepperd dog. He sheds so much! I would love to keep him, but making him an outdoor dog would be the only option and from what Iv read these type of dogs don't do well as outdoor dogs. They need to be with their families, their pack.
So we are probably going to take him back to the dismay of my husband. He really really wants to keep him and I hate disappointing my sweetie, but this is how it is.
Ill leave you with a few pictures of the new place and of the girls. Ill be posting more often now that things are settling down.

The view from my front porch

I know terrible picture, but those are wild deer who come to graze in our pasture.

And finally my girls- what a mess they were here! LOL

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